Where: Outside on The Lawn

Gather round folks for the demonstration of epic proportions! Do you daydream about being a noble knight or ruthless rogue? Are you a fan action packed outdoor activities and awesome mystical characters? Or maybe you’d just like the chance to beat up your friend and try out a brand new hobby? Then welcome to the world of Dagorhir, a medieval sport for a modern age! It’s a full contact combat game with safety as priority one where players dress in archaic garb and fight one another with foam based weaponry. The presentation will be brought to you by the Wolves of Asgard unit based in Johnstown who will explain the basic rules, describe the equipment used, show you what the combat is like, and much more! It will also feature the Gearbox Union as the rowdy crowd rallying hooligans they are! Be sure to also stick around after the show to try Dagorhir and jumping into the fray yourself with the stockpile of padded hardware that will be on hand. (Waiver required and parental supervisor required for minors) So come outside to be introduced a legendary pastime and PLAY ON!

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