Sci-Fi Valley Con’s Con-Quest presented by the Gearbox Union is a unique event that happens only at Sci-Fi Valley Con! It’s an amazingly fun charity adventure across the entire convention benefiting children’s hospitals all over the planet!

Convention Patrons:
For a $5 donation to the Child’s Play Charity, you’ll receive five raffle tickets for all the fabulous donated prizes along with an official GBU Con-Quest pouch and an one day questing pass! Then with the map provided in the Sci-Fi Valley Con flyer you can visit each participating table, complete their quests (things like act like a zombie/dance like a unicorn/quote your favorite superhero), and be rewarded with official GBU Con-Quest bottle caps! These bottle caps can then be traded in at the Mega-Table to acquire additional raffle tickets!You can start your heroic journey at the Gearbox Union Con-Quest Mega-Table! There are new quests each day, random trade values for raffle tickets, secrets to discover, and much more!

Will you have a table at the convention and you’d like to be part of the Con-Quest? Awesome! All that is required is a donation to the charity raffle and participation in the Con-Quest activities!

Send an email to to sign up.

More details on the Con-Quest can be found here:

Con Quest

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