Entrees & Platters:

Grilled Half Chicken Platter $7.50

With salad du jour, cowboy baked beans, corn, roll and butter

BBQ Ribs $8.50

Dry rubbed St Louie style ribs with a tangy BBQ sauce served with salad Du jour, baked beans, corn, roll and butter

Yuengling Meatloaf $7

Angus beef with onions, garlic seasoned bread crumbs and Yuengling lager, served with French fries, brown sauce, and corn with roll and butter

Penne Pasta with Chunky Marinara $5.75 (Served with a garlic bread stick)

Add Meatballs $6.75 Add Chicken $7.25

Fritters & Fries $6.75

Breaded chicken tenders with crisp fries served with ranch


Sandwich Platters:

Served with pickles and salad du jour

Charcoal Roasted BBQ Pork $5.75

Slow roasted pork shoulder with Texas bbq sauce on a Kaiser roll with cheddar cheese

Cheese Steak $6.75

With peppers, onions, and cheddar cheese on a steak roll

Hot Sausage $5.75

With peppers, onions, and garlic on a steak roll

Grilled Chicken $7

Marinated grilled breast of chicken with lettuce, tomato and our house made ranch style sauce on a Kaiser


Pizza, Fries and Sides:

Cheese Pizza or Pepperoni $5.50

Mac & Cheese $4

Macaroni with our own special cheese sauce topped with olive oil and breadcrumbs

Frankfurters $3.25

Seared all beef dogs with or without kraut

Chili with Shredded Cheddar $4

Three bean chili with seasoned ground beef

Nachos with Cheese $3.25

Add Chili & Extra Cheese $2.50

French Fries $3.25 add cheese $.75

Side of Cowboy Baked Beans $2.25

Assorted Chips and Pretzels $.75

Assorted Ice Cream Novelties $2.00



Assorted Soda $2.75   – Spring Water $2.00

Assorted Bottle Beer $4.00

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